Five tricks to cool the house without air conditioning

cool the house

Linen plants or fabrics will help you make the heat wave that crosses our country more bearable

Whether for economic or health reasons, many people decide to dispense with air conditioning in the home. If that is your case, here we show you five little tricks that will help you to cool the house and make the heat wave more bearable.

Tricks to cool the house without air conditioning

Create natural air currentscool the house

Those windows through which the air exits must open completely, always trying to be the ones that give directly to the street. On the contrary, the windows through which the air enters must be opened only a little. In this case, they must be those that give to inner patios, where the air is smaller.

In this way we get natural air currents generated in the house, entering through a window and leaving through another. Continue reading- 4 ideas to create a summer oasis on the terrace

Avoid turning on appliancescool the house

Appliances are sources of heat that load the environment without us noticing. Although some such as the refrigerator or computer is essential, you must avoid others such as the dishwasher, the iron, the oven or even the television in the middle of the day.

You have to pay attention to the tissuescool the house

In the curtains of the house, you have to bet on light colors and light fabrics so that solar radiation does not concentrate on them.

But it is not only the case of the curtains. If you’re looking to freshen up your house, one of the simplest tricks is to change the sheets, quilts or covers for the armchairs and sofas by white or light and soft fabrics such as silk, cotton or linen.

Plants against the heatcool the house

Some plants such as ivy or vines help the sun to affect the house less and less heat if we put them on the walls of the balcony. Inside the house, we can refresh the environment with green leaves and large plants.

When everything else fails: a fan and icecool the house

With a fan, ice, and salt you can get a homemade substitute for traditional air conditioning. We place a metal bowl with ice and salt in front of a fan, if possible in the window frames directing the air to the interior of the room. The salt will cause the ice water to be below the freezing point.

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