The 9 best ideas to decorate the room

best ideas to decorate the room

Do you think your room lacks style, but you do not know where to start? With these ten ideas to decorate the room, you will see how its image is renewed. You will be surprised by the change …

Best ideas to decorate the room

Well-dressed windowsdecorate the room

Curtains or blinds? Better curtains? It’s hard to imagine how they will look, right? With a few exceptions, the windows and windows are dressed, and it is better to do it well. They are unique to raise the decorative level of the room and make it cozier. Our advice: see the windows of the houses we publish and let you advise in the store where they are made. The length, its fall, the transparency of the fabric, the colors … If there are several windows in the living room, as a general rule, it is advisable to make an equal or similar construction so that the whole is coherent. In this room, they dressed with a combination of blinds of different opacity to control the entrance of light.

A new environmentdecorate the room

Create a coquettish corner where before there was only a white wall. It will be another room atmosphere, which can be decorated with a different style. You could even enhance that wall with a paper to highlight it and turn it into a focal point. The new environment can be just beautiful or beautiful and also functional. In this room was created with a mini-desk with a console flown, with a little background, and a stool. It is one of the best ideas to decorate the room.

Cushions that fall in lovedecorate the room

A room without complements is like a garden without flowers. The cushions, in particular, can transform the look of a sofa easily. Intoned, contrasting, smooth, patterned … A pastel or vibrant mix brings dynamism to the decoration. Look for stylish ideas on our website. Infallible: mix cushions in various sizes. Tapestries of the Elveden collection, of the English firm Villa Nova, of Grupo Romo. Keep reading-10 ideas for Furnishing a Small Living Room

Walls with more visual interestdecorate the room

The anodyne walls do not add anything to the living room. But with a collage of photos gains prominence. The advantage of this type of composition, where the photos are arranged on low background shelves is that you can change them as many times as you want, add other complements … Ideally, you alternate photos of different sizes. It is one of the best ideas to decorate the room.

The power of flowersdecorate the room

An open secret in decoration: flowers always add up, they do not remain. Look at the environments that the most prestigious interior designers sign. There are always flowers.

In your living room, it can be an imposing flower arrangement or with a wild and natural air. It can be in a conventional vase and centerpiece or look just as nice in an improvised container, like a jug or a vintage box. If they are fresh, perfect. If they are artificial, only bet for the quality and with the good design because some imitations hardly contribute, but they can subtract style to the room.

Optimal lightingdecorate the room

Surely the general lighting of the room is resolved with spotlights on the ceiling, but the light they provide has nothing to do with “creating scenes”, depending on the activity you do.

It would be a mistake to light up the whole room, if you are just going to read or if you have invited some friends and you are chatting on the sofa. In the first case, spotlight with a floor lamp, and in the second, ambient light with table lamps. If you also want to light up as a decorator, resort to highlight lighting. It is the one that highlights a painting, a work of art, a coating with texture … If you have a bookshop in the living room, remember to also illuminate it. It is one of the best ideas to decorate the room.

Create a peaceful environmentdecoration the room

The living room is a meeting place, where everyone feels comfortable. It is good to think about others, but without renouncing personality and own tastes in the decoration, because then you will stop feeling the room as your own. Decorating with evocative pieces, like the boat in this room, or with a special meaning, always makes us feel good.

Impeccable imagedecorate the room

The order is an essential condition in the decoration of the room. Yes, it is true that you can decorate creating an effect of apparent disorder, which brings naturalness, but it would always be apparent. Each object, in fact, is available to provide style to the environment. And if there is something to hide, it is hidden behind the door of a piece of furniture. In the case of shelves full of books, it is necessary to order them carefully. It also works to leave some holes and alternate books with deco pieces and photographs, with the aim of lightening the visual weight. In this room, the wall full of books is not so overloaded with the intermediate section, in white, that houses the fireplace.

Fusion of stylesdecorate the room

Bet on mixing furniture and accessories of yesterday and today. Without fear! It is a tendency to combine current and Nordic designs with vintage, shabby and country pieces. To find out, it looks for points in common among them, as in this room where the seats with red upholstery harmonize with the Barcelona armchair in brown leather. And if you do not find them you can always give coherence to the set by changing the color of a piece of furniture or with the cushions, the details of the coffee table or the carpet.

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