10 ideas for Furnishing a Small Living Room

Living Room

10 ideas for Furnishing a Small Living Room. The living room is one of the hubs of domestic life, each of us spends most of our free time looking for relaxation, in the company of a good book or loved ones. In this book of ideas, we have collected 10 interesting suggestions to better organize your little stay.

1. Few, simple elements Living Room

Neutral shades can be combined very effectively with simple taste furnishings and monochrome wall designs.

2. Wooden Walls Living Room

The combination of white plastered walls and wooden walls produces a warm and pleasant atmosphere … Imagine on a winter day, when you get back from work, how pleasant it can be to spend a couple of hours in this little gem?

3. Large windows and white walls Living Room

Even the white increases the perception of amplitude, it is a perfect example this room where the use of white furniture and the large window lighten the environment and make it seem more spacious. Continue reading-10 interior decoration tips

4. The rustic style Living Room

If a living room has a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape, the choice of a rustic style could bring within the space of small calls that enhance the relationship between interior and exterior.

5. Multi-functional furniture Living Room

This is the best solution to overcome space problems; a pouf can be used as a table, for example, eliminating the need to fill the environment with different objects

6. An open-space

Frequently, in small houses, the spaces of the kitchen and living room are combined to give an impression of spaciousness; in this case, even the bedroom is visually connected to the rest of the house but a glass wall means that the smells of the kitchen do not reach it.

7. Lighting and atmosphere Living Room

Lighting is always the best way to recreate particular atmospheres and settings; nowadays you can find many types of light sources on the market that will allow you to customize your stay in the best possible way.

8. Doors and glass walls Living Room

The French windows and the glass walls have a truly extraordinary charm: they establish a continuum between a living room and landscape and project the inhabitants in the middle of breathtaking scenery.

9. Kitchen Bar Living Room

The kitchen bar, if well positioned, can be an integral part of the living room without essentially wasting square meters; so why not give yourself a little habit?

10. Minimal furniture Living Room

If you do not want to contest the space, you need to carefully choose the furnishings and avoid the overflowing ones.

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