The best small kitchens of the year

best small kitchens
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The best small kitchens of the year. To close the year with the best design and interior architecture, in this book of ideas we gather the best proposals in kitchens of this 2016 that is going. Modern and minimalist designs projects that make the most of space and ideas that you can copy to renew your home.

1. Small and modern kitchensbest small kitchens

At the time of decorating and organizing the environments of our home space plays a key role, since based on it is that we decide the furniture that is needed and the locations of this, but what to do when we have small spaces where we feel that we do not There is a way to carry out an acceptable decoration. These situations are presented mostly in kitchens, kitchens are usually the smallest space that we have in the houses and get the most out of each space becomes a headache, so today we have brought you a spectacular list with eight great ideas that will help you gain space in a way you never imagined before. It is one of the best small kitchens design.

2. Small kitchens full of charmbest small kitchens

Living in a department has its advantages and disadvantages. Like almost everything. The least advantageous is perhaps the reduced space and, at the same time, the lack of an outdoor area. The good thing would be to have everything more at hand and to have the feeling of greater control and order. The life in an apartment also makes you a little more sociable for the coexistence required with close neighbors and also gives you the possibility of a contained refuge. Inside a department, the kitchen, in general, because there are always exceptions, is reserved for a small space or at least with somewhat small dimensions. In this book of ideas, we will dedicate ourselves precisely to them, with projects of professionals: to the best small kitchens in departments, that for that reason do not have to stop being practical, functional, beautiful and nutritious. It is one of the best small kitchens design. Continue reading-Top 5: The best kitchens ideas of the year

 3. Fantastic L-shaped kitchens

When we are about to implement our kitchen, one of the most important points is to have a good distribution that allows us to make the most of the space we have available for this environment. The alternative that we want to present today, are the kitchens in the form of “L” since it is a design that adapts to any decorative style and any size that we can have, from a small loft to a large house. However, the addition or not of an island will depend on the size of the kitchen, at this point if it is important to be wide, otherwise, we can not circulate quietly through the kitchen and it will be a hindrance to the center rather than an added value. Another point to keep in mind is the imaginary triangle formed by the refrigerator, laundry, and kitchen. It is one of the best small kitchens design.

4. How to make your kitchen spectacular without spending so much moneybest small kitchens

Having a spectacular kitchen with which you get up. And want to prepare thousands of dishes, desserts, hors-d’oeuvres, cocktails and much more is a dream for many. Having each of the artifacts that solve the culinary life. And that are also multifunctional is really incredible, like the prices that one has to pay to have them. If you are just starting an independent life, you have a bachelor department. Or you help a little living with roommates, you will definitely want to have everything but you will find yourself a bit tight in your pockets, do not worry I think we have all gone through that madness of want to decorate. And implement our entire department but we do not know where to start. Or how to do it without going straight to bankruptcy. It is one of the best small kitchens design.

5. modern and fantastic wood kitchens

best small kitchens

There are many styles to decorate our kitchens there are designs for all tastes, sizes, and needs. We can give each one a unique personality by choosing the materials. And the colors that most identify with us, which will make it a lovely kitchen to living it. And enjoy it to the fullest. In today’s book, our professionals give you sensational ideas to design a modern. And the wooden kitchen, to give it all the warmth and welcome. Join us to see them! It is one of the best small kitchens design.

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