4 tips for garden care in summer

tips for garden

If you want your garden to successfully survive the high summer temperatures, you just have to read these tips for garden care.

The care of the garden in summer means paying close attention to the hours of irrigation and the prevention of possible pests and infections.

Although our garden needs specific care throughout the year, in summer even more, since high temperatures and/or drought can cause significant damage.

Obviously in summer, all the plants will be affected, but even more so in the drier areas. That is why it is important to know what plants for dry climate exist so that they can withstand high temperatures better.

If you’re going on vacation and you do not have anyone to irrigate your garden, the best solution is to purchase an automatic irrigation system. This way you can program the watering hours as often as you estimate.

Then we leave you 4 tips that will help you in the care of the garden in summer, they will help you !.

Tips for garden care in summer

1.Watering at the first or last hour of the daytips for garden

It is very important to water either very early or very late. It is the best way for the earth to keep humidity longer.

Therefore, we must avoid the central hours of the day at all costs. The water would evaporate before penetrating the earth.

In this way, in addition to maintaining humidity, you will save on water. You can also reuse water that you get after boiling vegetables at home or things like that.

If you are not going to be at home every day, you can do it through an automatic irrigation system. Of course, you should periodically check the condition of the sprinklers, to ensure proper operation. It is one of the best tips for garden care in summer.

It is also advisable to choose native plants since the exotic ones will need much more care and they will consume more water.

2.The importance of a good subscribertips for garden

The fertilizer, also known as fertilizer, is essential for the maintenance of our plants and the care of the garden in summer. Thanks to its use will promote greater growth and development of plants.

Without a doubt, the best time to fertilize our garden is in the months between spring and summer, since it is when the plants are most active.

In the market, you will find a large variety available. You can find them integrated by a single component or by two or more. In addition, depending on its origin, there are two main types:

Organic: of animal or vegetable origin.

Inorganic: of mineral origin.

It is very important to use it to the correct extent, either incorporated in the irrigation water or directly on the ground. Keep reading- 4 ideas to create a summer oasis on the terrace

3.Garden care in summer: pests must be preventedtips for garden

We already know that it is better to prevent than to cure, and especially in summer when it is easier for our plants to be affected by pests and diseases.

That’s why you have to water without excess since an excess of water can also cause the appearance of fungi.

We must have some kind of pesticide on hand, to use it before some plants infect others. Must be very attentive to the signs that tell us if a plant is sick or not.

We can try to control the pests with natural remedies that we can do ourselves at home and, if the pests act anyway, proceed to use the relevant pesticides. It is one of the best tips for garden care in summer.

In addition, we must pay attention to how we can or plow because if we do too much the plants, shrubs and trees can be weakened, which would encourage the performance of pests.

4.The correct maintenance of the lawntips for garden

Finally, we want to talk about the importance of a good maintenance of the lawn for the care of the garden in summer.

The lawn brings several advantages in summer, the main one is that it brings freshness on the hottest days. It seems that there is some degree less, which is appreciated.

Of course, we must be careful not to make mistakes in its maintenance:

It is not necessary to cut it in excess: since the roots would weaken. Ideally, measure about 5 centimeters in all areas, on a regular basis.

Do not water it too much: it does not need too much water, nor in summer. What’s more, an excess of water could cause the appearance of pests. You just have to do it depending on the types of grass.

To reagar it very little: it is necessary to regard it between once and twice a week, it is something fundamental. This will absorb water better and the roots will have more strength.

If in addition, during the winter some area has run out of grass, you can take advantage and replant it. Nor should we forget to remove existing weeds.


Therefore, it is possible that your garden will endure the high summer temperatures well.

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