Self-adhesive vinyl flooring: A few words about laying the vinyl floor with your own hands

vinyl flooring

Let’s talk about how to lay the vinyl floor. I’ll start with a question. Have you ever glued the applique? So, laying vinyl tiles or a roll cover on the floor is not at all more difficult – you can even say it’s easier because you do not have to cut out anything (except along some walls, and even that is optional).

In general, fragments of such Karndean Korlok vinyl coating are glued to the floor, and that this process took you as little time as possible, and the floor turned out to be of the highest quality, we give some recommendations.

1) Vinyl floors are thin and flexible, which means that they need to be laid on a flat floor. If we talk about a concrete foundation, then it is better to pour a self-leveling screed over it first – but if vinyl is glued to a wooden base, then it needs to be smoothed with OSB or fiberboard sheets.

vinyl flooring

2) Next, the layout of the first row is performed – a straight line is needed, relative to which the first row is positioned. Otherwise, you can get a wave.

3) The glue is spread on the base with a comb with a small tooth (3mm).

4) Tiles or panels are glued in the direction indicated by the manufacturer (there is an arrow on the back). The direction of laying should be observed during the performance of all work.

5) Vinyl should be pressed to the bottom of the floor properly – not only that, all air must be squeezed out from under it. For this, a dense rubber roller is used. Also, the pressing of the tiles and the removal of air can be carried out using a flat plate. One of my friends used a kitchen roll for gluing a vinyl tile – it turned out very well.

6) Excess glue, protruding from the vinyl, it is better to clean with a narrow spatula – otherwise,vinyl flooring the adhesive composition can get on the front side of the flooring.

vinyl flooring

7) Cut the vinyl floor covering with a sharp construction knife with a thick blade.

Here, in principle, and all the recommendations that you can offer your attention – as you can see, there is nothing complicated, but adhering to them, you are guaranteed to get a quality and durable floor.

And finally a few words about the choice of this flooring. Vinyl floors are sold with different quality topcoats – there are glossy, matte and rough coatings. So, for such premises as a kitchen or bathroom, preference is best given to a rough vinyl tile, which in case of wetting the coating will prevent slipping.

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