Luxury living room design in 2018

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Luxury living rooms. We know that for many it is important to have a comfortable home with space to live well and receive friends and family. For others, the most crucial is that the interior spaces are luxurious and glamorous. Today, we decided to leave them open-mouthed with some ideas of luxurious living rooms of contemporary taste that reflect a composition of good taste and refinement.  For the vast majority this is just a dream, however, luxury is a matter of point of view and often a luxurious appearance need not necessarily be expensive. There are many ways to transform the look of a home without spending exorbitant amounts. The interior decoration market is so diverse and rich in options that it is very easy to find pieces and ornaments at an affordable value that showcases luxury and good taste.

Take a look at our selection of ideas and inspirations where luxurious homes tend to prioritize technology and comfort with objects and pieces that highlight living room decor. We show you the tips and the reasons why a certain environment becomes more luxurious, not only by owning extravagant decoration pieces but by the use of the correct materials, such as leather, crystal, stainless steel iron, and wood.

Elegance and comfort in urban lifeliving room

The  Trace Space was based on the professional profile of the owners of the residence to design this spacious and integrated room that in a super contemporary way, unites the luxury living room and comfort in a single space. The composition of this dining room has a skylight installed under the dining table, allowing each meal to be a pleasant experience. In the living area, the decor is modern and original. The leather sofa stands out under the turquoise-blue carpet of animal fur. This example of decoration shows us that the luxury is in the comfort and the choices of elegant elements and furnishings of with high-quality materials. Continue reading-3 Expected Spring Interior Design Trends for 2015

The charm of the chaise longueliving room

Le Araujo Arquitetura’s proposal was also to create a wide. And integrated living room with a dynamic look that conveyed the interest and personality of the owners. The grand staircase with metal banister leaves the ambiance large and grand. White highlights the colorful furniture. The blue velvet chaise longue adds a touch of life and personality. On the walls, colored paintings painted on canvas reveal a refreshing and invigorating atmosphere.

A good highlight with chandeliersliving room

The architects designed this showroom for a building of a construction company in Santa Catarina. This living and dining room has integrated environments since this is the new trend to join environments. Designed in different shades of gray, this room is super stylish and exquisite. Its straight lines give the environment a contemporary air. Glass walls make the environment even more modern and distinctive. The highlight of this venue is certainly the baroque chandelier under the dining table. It adds the extra touch of luxury and extravagance that in certain media makes the space even more stunning.

Contemporary luxury living roomliving room

No one understands luxury like  Brunete Fraccaroli. The architect transformed this duplex from Sao Paulo into a modern and luxurious environment. Space has gained a clean look and a slight futuristic touch. The living room also features a fireplace and home-theater. The black sofa was arranged with an elegant polished stainless steel desk. What most calls attention and emphasizes this room are the beautiful pendants of the scattered sphere of the mark Lumini.

Gold Detailsliving room

In the showroom created especially for the Casa Cor event last year. The architect  Brunete Fraccaroli developed the project she called My World in Chocolate, this space reflects an atmosphere of luxury living rooms and well-being with warm colors such as chocolate brown on the walls. And furniture and the gold that was distributed in the details of decoration. The result was amazing! To finish, potted plants add a harmonious touch between this glamorous decor. You May Like also-“”