Dream bedrooms, the 8 upcoming trends. A new year and new trends for the sleeping area. Here are the tips to give a new look to the most comfortable space in the house.

The bedrooms are one of the most private spaces in the house. Those in which it is essential to feel good and recreate an environment that reflects us to the end. So, while life’s stages, tastes, habits, and lifestyles change, it is sometimes important to also renovate the bedroom. Not necessarily with great upheavals: little touches are enough to create a different atmosphere. Here then are the new trends coming in 2018: some are small revolutions, others turn into real trends suggestions already seen or still in its infancy, at least in Italy. Elledecor.it’s trend watching for bedrooms means that there are no more classic or modern bedrooms, but only very personal, minimal or cozy rooms. It’s all worth it!

1.Minimal bedsDREAM BEDROOMS

Yes, minimalism does not leave the trends 2018, indeed it is in great shape because let’s say the minimal beds always have an edge: geometric features and sober colors able to conquer any space, and perfect for small bedrooms. It is one of the best dream bedrooms.

2.Tailor-made heads

It will be the influence of DIY projects, it will be that we always love to differentiate ourselves from the crowd but in 2018 we cannot really give up a headboard of the tailor-made bed that knows how to respond precisely to our tastes and furnish the bedroom with a unique style. Continue reading-“http://tenkaichiban.com/2018/02/17/add-rich-and-sophisticated-look-to-your-live-yard/”

3.Contrasting fabricsDREAM BEDROOMS

Long live the difference! 2018 brings with it the desire for contrasts also in the furnishings. And the reason is easy to identify: the contrast is lively and vitaminic, ignites the dialogue and removes any static to the environment. Whether it’s your bedroom or the children ‘s bedroom, the password is to dare! It is one of the best dream bedrooms.

4.Disorder in a workmanlike manner

Sometimes the mess rhymes with relaxation and cocooning, just plan this as if it were a moving work of art where even the sock on the ground makes style (at least we hope!). So here are the ideas for the bedroom offer environments that are a eulogy of informality. It is one of the best dream bedrooms.

5.Space for conversationDREAM BEDROOMS

The sleeping area is not just for sleeping, you know. Why not furnish the bedroom with a conversation area? Two soft armchairs are enough to create an intimate corner at the foot of the bed where you can be late on Sunday mornings or where you can stop for a moment of cocooning before jumping into the city traffic. It is one of the best dream bedrooms.

6.Camouflage cabinets

Furniture that becomes mirrors or works of art, there are but not necessarily must be seen, the bedroom wardrobes in 2018 can be camouflaged to make them become a piece of furniture. It is one of the best dream bedrooms.

7.Optical effects

For those who struggle with the lack of square meters of the small bedrooms. Or simply hammock play with the points of view. It is always the trick of generous use of mirror surfaces, perhaps combining it with the perspective effects recreated with the use of different shades of color. It is one of the best dream bedrooms.


We love it in the lofts or in the country houses. But 2018 brings the industrial style also in the domestic and in the city. A raw taste that can also change the feeling of living in a city apartment, a real must for those who want bedrooms in a contemporary style.

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