Tips for creating a reading room

reading room

If we like to read and we are lucky enough to have a free room in the home, there is nothing more exciting and pleasant than implementing a reading room there. Undoubtedly it is an excellent idea to take advantage of the space. And believe in a corner where we feel comfortable and enjoy the pleasures that literature offers us.

Reading room vs. Officereading room

Many fall into the confusion and error of associating a reading room with an office, and the truth is that the functions of these two types of rooms are totally different and even opposed. An office is a place of work and therefore implies stress, tension and having the mind occupied by problems and events that are not at all pleasant.

A reading room should be associated with the opposite.

There should reign entertainment, relaxation, freeing the mind and enjoyment with what we like and unrest.

This distinction at the conceptual level also moves to the decorative level. An office should have a desk, work areas, and shelves to store papers and files.reading room

By contrast, a reading room should be designed for comfort, so the most important thing is comfortable chairs, shelves to arrange books, good lamps that facilitate our reading and decorative items that make the room a warm room.

Decorreading room

As we said the reading rooms are intended for relaxation, and in that sense. The colors we use for decoration are very important. We should avoid strong or bright colors and try to choose calm and graduated shades.

You can also choose wallpapers with clear, floral and delicate motifs that give texture and dynamics to the decoration without distracting our view of the primordial: books. The aromatic candles are another great idea to incorporate into the reading rooms as they make the warmth of the environment and aim to relax.

On the other hand, it is good to add pillows, puffs, pillows. And everything that we associate with comfort to make our reading room the most comfortable place in the home. Continue reading- 10 tips to choose the colors of your living room

What we should leave outreading room

If we want our reading room to remain as a special place. A sort of sanctuary where to go when we need to rest and clear our minds. We must put conditions and rules away from the inconvenience of that room. Leaving the computer and the TV outside is one of the most appropriate ideas for this type of room.

Both devices generate a kind of addiction and however much we want to relax. If they are there we will surely fall into their clutches and the tranquility will have vanished.

We should try to leave in the room only what we do to the reading and turn it into an activity to be carried out in a comfortable and comfortable way. Everything else must be outside as if there was a kind of protective shield against everything that tarnishes our daily life and fills it with stress.

Following these insurance tips will get you a perfect reading room. It is good to remember that home is the space in which we spend most of our time. And if it is a place where we find relaxation and peace that we do not find in our routines. Your home function will be fulfilled in the best way.

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