How to pick the right garage lighting

A dim, dark garage is no one’s favourite place to hang out. However, this neglected and unloved space can be transformed with the right kind of lighting that not only makes it easier to see what you are doing but also contributes a more cheery ambience.

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The power of fluorescent

For an easy and inexpensive lighting makeover, take out the existing fixtures for bulbs and replace them with fluorescent tubing. Make sure you turn the power off before beginning work on this. Some fluorescent tubes do not work very well in cold temperatures, so make sure that the tubes you get will operate when your garage is at its chilliest.

If you’re using the garage as a work room where it is important to see the “true” colours of paints or stains, you will need to get lighting with a colour rendering index (CRI) of 85 or more. This ensures that whatever you are working on is not affected by the colour spectrum of the lighting.

Other options

If you do not care for fluorescent lighting, technology is coming up with plenty of other ways to to bring light into our lives, including cool-running LED lights. Some of these can even be used to grow plants, so the garage could have its own greenery or maybe generate a few salads. For more on LED technology that could turn your garage green, see this report from The Guardian.

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Now that a new light has dawned in the garage, it might be time to turn your attention to other aspects of the area. Garage shelving can transform this utilitarian space into one that is organised and pleasant to spend time in. In addition, the extra storage from efficient garage shelving can be incredibly useful. If you want to find out more about the options available, consider contacting experts in the area such as UK Garage Shelving, who can provide advice and guidance.

There is no reason the garage can’t be bright and welcoming. With all the lighting options available, why not have some fun with the garage? It might be the place where tools and old paint brushes live, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be brightened up with lighting that is functional and adds a touch of character, too.

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