Decorating trends for a kitchen you will want to follow

Get ready to let stylish colors and creative (and functional) finishes come into your home

After advancing the décor news that will blast this year for your bathroom, the Tenkaichiba website listed the main trends for kitchen decoration in 2017. Get ready to leave stylish colors and creative finishes (and functional) enter your home with these inspirations that you will surely want to have:

Decorating trends for a kitchen you will want to follow

1.Black is always the new black

Loved by many, black has always been a color reference of elegance and synonymous with sophistication. This year he promises to invade the kitchen with everything. Do not be surprised to find appliances and cabinets with shades darker than the traditional. Read more

2.Brushed brass

Finishes with brushed brass have fallen to the taste of decorators and architects. They refresh the environment and leave everything with a more refined and produced air. Combining the metal with the correct coating, the result is beautiful and accurate. It is one of the trends for a kitchen. Keep reading

3.Custom pantry

Take care of your kitchen storage in the “do it yourself” style. A personalized pantry with compartments and drawer partitions promises to be one of the novelties of the year. Continue Reading – The trends you have to follow in 2018 to house decorating

4.Shades of gray

In addition to the black color, the shades of gray will also be quite present in the décor of the kitchens this year. The best thing is that the two colors talk well and stay in perfect tune together. Beige details, like the one on the chair below, help to enhance aesthetics.


Of course, the color of the year could not be left out of the trends. Being a strong color, the green foliage combines with more neutral tones, such as white.

6.Goodbye, utensils!

No, you will not fail to have them, but this year, you will rethink if you will even exhibit them. One of the trends in kitchen décor for 2017 will be to hide utensils and appliances inside cabinets and cabinets. In addition to making the environment more organized, your kitchen will look more beautiful.


With hidden appliances and appliances, also eliminate clutter and leave plenty of free space. The minimalist decor comes with everything in the kitchen this year. To give a touch of life to the environment, a potted plant always works. It is one of the best trends for a kitchen.

8.Mixing of finishes

Combining copper and gold materials with silver cans, for example, is a good way of working different aesthetic layers in your kitchen. This mixin decor may look vintage, but it will be one of the trends of 2017.

9.Open Shelves

In low space environments, open shelves will be the great trick in decor. They are easily installed and guarantee the functionality and practicality of the kitchen. Installing shelves like this greatly increase the size of the space, but be sure to always keep it organized.

10.Decorative Floors

These charming floors found the way to the kitchen in 2017. The best way to integrate them into the environment is by opting for a monochromatic palette in a neutral tone, the floor being bright and patterned.

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