What is Wicker?

Wicker is made from plant stalks, reeds, grasses like bamboo, rattan or willow branches. Strips are woven into a rigid material to be used in making furniture, baskets or other items. Wicker Paradise invites you to learn more about one of the most popular materials currently in use for interior design projects. 

One of the benefits of using wicker is that it is very lightweight as compared to wood or metal. It is often used for outdoor furnishing because it is easy to move around. Wicker can also withstand outdoor weather better than upholstered furniture.

Another material that is similar to wicker is sea grass. Sea grass is a tropical plant that grows underwater. Large beds or meadows of the plants are harvested and dried. The strands of grass are then twisted into a rope which is then woven to make furniture. Like wicker, sea grass is attached to a sturdy frame to make furniture like chairs, sofas, and headboards for example. Seagrass furniture has a softer feel than rattan or wicker and has tonal variations that make an attractive appearance.

Furniture made from sea grass or wicker is often used with cushions due to the rigid nature of the woven surface. Wicker chairs are often sold with cushions made of foam and covered with a cotton or synthetic fabric. Wicker furniture cushions are widely available in furniture stores, or in home décor sections. Removable cushions not only make the furniture more comfortable, they offer many design options for the user.

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