Don’t Move, Just Improve


We buy our homes because in some way or another, they appeal to us. For whatever reason – price, location, character, size or a combination of all these factors, it was our choice. But families grow and evolve and our needs change. It’s something chartered architects in Buckingham hear all the time – we don’t want to move, we just want to improve.
It’s a growing trend. With the mortgage market still looking so unattractive, home owners have never been so willing to add to what they’ve already got. There are plenty of success stories to follow, from made-over council houses to loft conversions in Victorian flats. It seems like everyone is at it.


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Doing your homework

It all comes down to doing it right. Finding the right architect and knowing what you want and need. The first thing which comes to mind when considering an extension is a larger kitchen or an extra bedroom. But homeowners would do well to consider extensions which really add value to family life. Family rooms – large open spaces which incorporate kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms in one are a great way to enhance the family experience.

Estate agents are quick to warn against modern additions to old homes. But how else can you extend an older property, but with a new extension? Perusing an architect’s webpage or portfolio such as that at is a great way to get an idea of their experience in this field. A sensitive modern extension can both improve the desirability and the resale value of an older home.

The Time is Now

In 2012, the UK government pressed the planning office to allow a grace period, free from approval requirements for small extensions of up to 8 metres.

It comes as no surprise to know that the UK has some of the smallest property sizes in Europe. During the building booms of the 1960s and 80s, homes all over the country were advertised by the number of bedrooms rather than the measurable area. This planning grace period was great news for many looking to stretch out, but this period is soon coming to an end.

And for those of us still with home extension dreams on the horizon, this means the time to act is now.

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