kitchen wall decor ideas

15 kitchen wall decor ideas

Do you also feel that your kitchen deserves a bit of style? Although it is a service space, it does not have to be boring. Go ahead and try these kitchen wall decor ideas. Taking…

green living room ideas

7 best green living room ideas

The green may seem an unusual color to decorate the living room of our home, however, if we know how to use it correctly, it may be the trigger we need to make it look…

Tips on choosing eco-friendly flooring options

More and more people are taking responsibility for how their everyday life has an impact on the environment. This could cover everything from installing energy saving devices right through to purchasing a property that has…

Makeover a wooden furniture

Makeover a wooden furniture

One, two, three, ready? China! During this period of flea markets and garage sale, it’s time to dig up wooden furniture to relook. We give you ideas to modernize them with a few brushstrokes.