Tips and Ideas

Tips on choosing eco-friendly flooring options

More and more people are taking responsibility for how their everyday life has an impact on the environment. This could cover everything from installing energy saving devices right through to purchasing a property that has…

Five spring DIY projects

With longer days, things are looking up this spring. Here are some suggestions for smartening up your abode. Image Credit 1 Create shelves Shelves are a neat way to organise your books and belongings. You…

2019 Home Design Trends

It’s hard to believe but we are 4 months into 2019 already, so if you haven’t yet got around to finding out what’s hot in interior design for 2019, you’d better get on it quick….

DIY ideas

10 really nice DIY ideas with masking tape

Want to pamper your everyday objects without much effort, time or money? These DIY ideas tips will be perfect for you! Some pieces of masking tape (or washi tape, his other name), these tapes decorated very…