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plant in a pot

How to plant in a pot

If you want to keep your plants in a healthy pot, this is your post, we teach you how to plant in a pot and we give you some tips.

homemade paper Christmas garlands

7 ideas to make homemade paper Christmas garlands

Decorating your home with homemade paper Christmas garlands is a great idea. The garlands provide a very creative and original touch to the house, plus you can make them yourself and spend an entertaining afternoon….

romantic decoration

10 keys of romantic decoration

The romantic decoration is one of the most booming today. There are many people who choose to create tender and delicate environments through decoration. A decorative style that offers a world of possibilities focusing on…


DIY Mat with Recycled Materials

The tendency to reuse materials to create decoration and crafts that serve the home is increasing, so today we show you how to recycle some materials to create some original rugs that you can use…

Construction Tips

Reform and Construction Tips and Advice

Before making a reform in your home, make sure you have everything under control. It is important to know some tips before starting the work. As the old saying goes: “Better prevent than cure”. We…

Autumn inspiration

Autumn inspiration: 10 DIY with dead leaves!

Autumn is here, the dead leaves strewn on the ground, dress the landscapes of orange and glowing hues. Instead of getting rid of a rake, why not give them a second life by diverting them…