A thoughtful little kitchen

A thoughtful little kitchen
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Completely renovated by the GPlusK architectural studio. This house located in the Paris region has a small elegant and well-thought kitchen. We go around the ideas to stitch. Here are some tips for a thoughtful little kitchen.

An open kitchen but a marked separationA thoughtful little kitchen

This small kitchen was opened in the dining room, located below. And accessible by three steps. The opening and the staircase were dressed in light wood panels: the effect, graphics. And contemporary, clearly emphasizes the separation of the rooms, despite the absence of partition. It is one of the best tips for a thoughtful little kitchen.

Optimized space layoutA thoughtful little kitchen

To optimize a small kitchen, there are planning tips. But if you only have to remember one, it is the one that consists of installing cupboards on the entire height of the room to increase the storage capacity. It is also in this context that the sink and worktop have been installed on a central island. Freeing space for closets and built-in appliances. It is one of the best tips for a thoughtful little kitchen.

A well-thought cooking zoneA thoughtful little kitchen

The cooking area, which forms a hook in the wall of cupboards, is thought out as it should, with narrower wall cupboards above the worktop. On the other hand, the upper cupboards, located under the ceiling. Take up the depth of the other pieces of furniture, increasing the storage space. The cooking area is highlighted by a black glass splashback that echoes the “block” formed by the oven and coffee maker. Creating an elegant contrast to the matte finish of the furniture. It is one of the best tips for a thoughtful little kitchen.

A connected kitchenA thoughtful little kitchen

The built-in coffee machine and oven were chosen for their connectivity. Indeed, these two smart devices, from the Siemens Home Connect range, are controllable from a smartphone. Thus, it is possible to prepare a latte from the bedroom. Or to start cooking a dish before leaving the office. Saving valuable time that makes life easier. It is one of the best tips for a thoughtful little kitchen.

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