Solid Oak Flooring Offers Variety and Style

Solid Oak Flooring
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Although there are many options available to homeowners when selecting a flooring system for their homes, not many can boast the sheer variety and beauty of solid oak flooring.  Whether it is in a new kitchen, bedroom, office, or common room, oak is a great wood to be used for floors.

Oak has been used as a construction material for hundreds of years across the world, but particularly within the United States.  Given that this species of tree is so prevalent in the US, it can generally be found across the entire nation, and in a variety of styles.

Solid Oak Flooring

For instance, there are two major varieties of oak that can be used for flooring material.  First, red oak offers a grain pattern that is more pronounced than its white oak cousin.  Also, as the name suggests, red oak generally has a bit more of a reddish-brown color, although coloring is oftentimes manipulated through some type of stain that the owner prefers.

Since white oak is slightly harder than the red version, it is often cited as the preferred material for both flooring and furniture making.  Advocates for red oak will point out the large numbers floors installed around the world using non-white versions and show that red oak is most likely hard enough to withstand normal foot traffic.

Both versions of oak can be machined in multiple lengths and widths to achieve a variety of patterns for any taste.  Everything from thin two inch widths to boards as wide as six inches can be obtained on the open market.  Combine this with the two main varieties of oak as well as the multitude of stains and finishes available, and there are literally thousands of options from which to choose.

Solid Oak Flooring

So whether you are looking for pre-finished or “raw” wood for your floors, consider using solid oak flooring.  Install it and you’ll increase the value of your house as well as enjoy it for years to come. There are many difficult things to learn about solid oak flooring, so don’t get overwhelmed yet. Good luck in your oak flooring endeavors.

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